Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do It Yourself Tripod for your iPad

  Next week, I will be visiting with a teacher who wants to shoot classroom video using her iPad.  Now, the iPad makes a pretty good video camera, shooting in 1080 resolution with the entire screen as your "viewfinder".  The only problem is that the stock iPad won't fit on a tripod, so somebody has to hold the darned thing while it's recording. 

  Our friends at have all sorts of iPad tripod mounts for sale, starting at $7.99 and going up from there.  Very good if you have a few dollars to spend and a week to wait for it to arrive from the warehouse.  What if you want a quick and free solution? 

  Mivil Deschênes has produced a short video showing you how to turn a cardboard box into a functional iPad tripod.  Take a look!

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